Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us with your questions, and we will post answers here.


can i have someone install the conversion for me?

Yes, any competent mechanic can perform the installation.  CC Motorsports is an excellent choice. Derek Chima's meticulously finished race cars have been featured on British V-8 magazine: 


Will the rear disc brake adapters fit other mg and austin healey models?

Determining whether they will fit a Bugeye Sprite is our first priority.  We believe they will fit, but will amend the pages when we complete a test-fit. We also suspect they will fit a Morris Minor, and will post the results of that testing, too.


what wheels are compatible with this conversion?

See the disc brakes page, which has photos of compatible wheels and measurements for those with custom or racing wheels.


is a proportioning or 'bias' valve necessary?

This is impossible to answer without knowing the particulars of your braking system. Rear-wheel bias is a function of the differences between the volume in the front and rear caliper pistons.

With the late-model, dual-circuit master cylinder on the modified '67 MG Midget in the photos, there is a slight but definite rear-wheel bias. On a mountain curve in the rain with no guardrail, this could produce some gray hairs. A proportioning valve is strongly recommended.

*NOTE: we are working on videos to capture 'before and after' bias valve test data obtained from 'hard stops' at a local airstrip.


will these disc brake adapters work with double-bearing hubs?

Yes. There is ample clearance for most double-bearing hub designs. 

If you are unsure about your double-bearing hub's compatibility, you may try a test-fit.  If our adapters don't work with your particular hub, we will issue a full refund including postage in exchange for digital photos showing the incompatibility, so we can inform Spridget owners.

Adapters must be received within 30 days of purchase in unblemished, undamaged condition. Protect the finish with masking tape against the axle-flange and washers on the outboard surface and tighten the bolts just enough to assure proper alignment