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*NOTE: if you harvest used calipers, you might err on the side of political correctness. This is especially true in the American Southwest, where we encountered this sign, and where "a pistol is just for fighting your way back to the rifle you should have never put down." --Clint Eastwood

We are informed by a respected United Kingdom consultant that the preferred term is 'pre-loved car dismantling emporium.' 


Here is a cost estimate for the parts, which varies considerably depending on the sources you choose:

- $395 with used calipers plus new proportioning valve

- $590 with rebuilt calipers plus proportioning valve

- $45 for special tools (if you don’t have them)

  • Creative Spridgets aluminum anodized adapter plates. (1 pair), $129.50.  Click here or navigate to the 'purchase' page using the links at the top of the page.
*NOTE FOR BUGEYES: you will need 2.2mm (.086") spacers to place between the rotor and half-shaft, listed below next to the rotors.

  • REAR brake calipers with guide brackets from a 1995-99 Nissan Sentra or 1995-98 Nissan 200SX (2 pcs). Nissan OEM Part # D40010M800 (must specify R/H or L/H). A-1 CARDONE Part # 19B1801 (L/H); Part # 19B1800 (R/H), $35~$55 used (pair, including core charges), $102 rebuilt (per side, including core charge) ( and many other sites, such as

**Note: the floating guide or carrier brackets are no longer sold by Nissan, but are available aftermarket from A-1 Cardone, part no. 14-1530.  They are available all over the web and at AutoZone using that part number. Cheapest we found was for $17.86.

To make sure you’ve got the right ones, ensure that the cam for the brake rod hook-up is on the side of the caliper at an angle--not on the underside.  Here are the two respective models - the first is correct (95-98 model years) and the second is wrong (’94 model year):


A customer informs us that the 200SX sold down under was based on the Nissan S13 / S14 / S15 platform, and it is different from the U.S. spec 200SX.  The U.S. spec 200SX is based on the B14 platform. The Australian 200SX closely resembles the U.S. market 240SX, and the rotors and callipers are deceptively close to those needed for this conversion. However, the S13/14/15 rotors are too large, and the calipers have the handbrake bracket in the wrong position to hook up with the Spridget braking rods.  This may require purchasing rebuilt calipers and rotors.

  • REAR caliper rebuild kits (only needed with used calipers), Dorman Part# D351783, around $4.00 at most parts stores, as high as $13.00 on-line.
  • 'Banjo' bolts and copper washers to connect brake hoses to calipers. Nissan Part# for Bolts is 463560E00A (2 pcs), $3.48 each, Nissan Part# for the copper washers is 46237A4600 (4 pcs), $.53 each.  
*NOTE: the banjo bolts and M10-1.25 bolts and lock washers can be obtained together with the calipers and guide brackets as a unit from a pre-loved auto parts emporium. Just screw them back into their places before checking out.

  • REAR brake rotors from a 1995-99 Nissan Sentra or 1995-98 Nissan 200SX (2 pcs). Nissan OEM Part # 4320658Y01, PRONTO Part # BR31148,, $7.64 per side.

**See fitment note above for Australian and some other non-U.S. customers. 

  • Spacers (Bugeye only) - 2.2mm (no source currently; any washers with 3/8" I.D. to fit studs will do).
  • REAR brake pads from a 1995-99 Nissan Sentra or 1995-98 Nissan 200SX (1 set = four pads). Nissan OEM Part# 44000K, Centric Part # 6816-07149025 (metallic),, $12.38 (set). Close-out sales as low as $6.00 at Autozone Part# D669, $18.99.
  • REAR brake hoses from a 1995-99 Nissan Sentra. Nissan OEM Part# 462108B721 (R/H), 462108B722 (L/H),, $11.74 per side., various part numbers, regular manufacturer closeouts, as low as $5.25 per side (NAPA, Wagner, Raybestos). NAPA Part# 380507 (R/H), 380508 (L/H), $13.99 per side. 
  • Optional - steel braided hoses with copper washers (but includes front brake lines not needed), Goodridge Part# 22045, price varies widely,, $121. Sometimes available on Ebay for as little as $80.
  • PVF-coated 3/16" x 8" adapter steel brake lines, 3/8-24 inverted to M10x1.0 inverted threads. (2 pcs). Poly Armour # PAA-O310 or NAPA Part # 813-5510. $5.49 to $6.99 per side. Available at many sites on internet.

*NOTE: if the female end of the brake hose you obtain has 3/8-24 threads rather than M10x1.0, as discussed in Part IV, Steps 1 and 2 of the conversion procedure, use NAPA Part# 813-5451, $4.50 per side.

  • British to USA thread adapter (2 pcs). Weatherhead Part# WH 1441 or NAPA Part # BK 641-3313. $2.29 per side.
  • M10-1.25 bolts x 25.4mm long (1") with lock washers  to mount the guide brackets to the Creative Spridgets aluminum adapter plates (4 pcs). Approximately $10.00.

  • 5/16-24 x 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" bolts, flat washers, and nyloc or 'squeeze' style lock nuts. (8 pcs of each). Approximately $10. 

  • 1/8" x 1-1/2" @ 3' aluminum bar for making 'L' brackets to secure hydraulic hoses. (1 pc).  $9.00

  • ¼” adjustable yoke ends, zinc finish, 1/4-28 threads (2 pcs).  RCPW part# B27082AZ, $5.06 per side.

  • Hub gaskets, O-rings, oil seals. (2 pcs of each). $10.
*NOTE: Timken double-sealed bearings work well as an alternative to OEM-style bearings. Part# 207FF. $9.60 per side at Autozone and all over internet.

  • Proportioning valve - REQUIRED FOR SAFETY.
  • 1st choice: Deltrol Control EF10B. Sold by Speedway Motors Part# 91031357 (, $34.99). This well-made, solid brass valve can reduce pressure to any setting required and is highly recommended. An informational sheet is available by pressing the button at the top of the page. *Note: this valve does not come with fittings, but takes 1/8" NPT fittings available anywhere. 
  • 2nd choice: Wilwood Part# 260-8419 (, $41.95). This valve may be sufficient, depending on your configuration. However, the above valve has a greater range and is preferable. 
*NOTE: this valve comes with 3/8-24 inverted fittings, so it can be used without the 3-AN fittings if you prefer standard inverted flares.

The following parts are needed only for those EITHER mounting a proportioning valve using 3-AN fittings, OR opting to connect the calipers directly to OEM spridget steel lines rather than using flexible nissan hoses:

  • Steel 3-AN tube nuts. (2 pcs) Keyser Manufacturing Part# 100-43581803, $0.99 per side. 

  • Steel 3-AN sleeves. (2 pcs) Keyser Manufacturing Part# 100-43581903, $0.79 per side.

*NOTE: You will need twice the above number of tube nuts and sleeves, if you are using 100% hard lines and mounting a proportioning valve.

  • 3-AN 10mm banjo fittings (2 pcs). Optional, needed only if you are using the 3-AN to Spridget OEM brake line option, instead of using Sentra hoses. Russel Performance Part# R4047C,, $5.95 per side.


  • 5/8" grinding stone for machining the rotors. Dremel Part# 8193, Amazon, $2.98.
  • 1/4-28 hexagonal die for threading the brake rods. Amazon, $6.50.
  • Tubing bender, if you are using the Sentra hoses, and 8" Poly-Armor adapter lines. Pittsburgh Part# 3755,, $6.99.
  • 37-degree flaring tool to install 3-AN fittings in brake line for proportioning valve, or if you opt for 3-AN to Spridget steel brake lines instead of flexible hoses. Performance Tool Part# W80671., $24.97.
*NOTE: the chap in this tutorial uses Summit Racing tool #900311, $29.97.